This is the brief story of the surname, Nutspittle. There was a man
named, John George Nutspittle. He was born in 1779 in Germany
under the name, Johann Georg Nußpickel.

There is nothing documented as to when he came to America. The first
documents finding the name, "Nutspittle" is found in the Register of
Marriage in 1808. He and his wife had four girls and two boys.

He died in 1829.
Almost twenty years later his oldest child, Francis, led the
act to change the surname from Nutspittle to a new name.
Francis' brother, Jacob (above), concurred. All of their unmarried
sisters and their mom changed their surnames also.

On May 10, 1848, the surname, Nutspittle, was gone
and the family forever enacted the surname, Nourse.

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